• Davin Youngs Voice (map)
  • 410 South Michigan Ave, Studio 632B
  • Chicago, IL 60605
  • USA

This will be a special gathering in correlation with the Fine Arts Building open studios event.

This gathering is open to anyone with a desire to sing and a song in their heart. 


You can think about The CIRCLE as a jam session or drum circle for the voice. Participants are led into improvised singing circles by leaders who spontaneously create sung patterns that are then given to various groups. Once voices are singing in tandem, creating a kind of orchestra, the leader may then step outside of the circle, giving others an opportunity to lead or solo if they so choose. Warm ups will help the group get going and exercises may be introduced along the way to expand the experience.

All you have to do is show up and sing! You are guaranteed to walk away with a smile on your face and find yourself apart of a generous and safe community.

(There is no pressure to do anything solo, although it is certainly encouraged as this is a space to explore, enjoy, and grow.)

This event will be FREE.

Please wear comfortable clothing.