• Davin Youngs Voice Inc. (map)
  • 410 South Michigan Avenue, Studio 632B
  • Chicago, IL, 60605
  • United States

We spend the beginning of our time warming up our voices and bodies and then focus for the first hour manifesting intention through our voices. The remainder of the time together will be spent on singing and application. Our goal is to create a fun, fearless community of improvising singers.

NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. These gatherings are for anyone with a desire to sing.
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In Circle Singing, we know through experience that the music we make creates change. But what is our intention for that change and how does that show up in our creative process? Many believe improvisation to be "making it up," but that couldn't be any further from the truth. Improvisation is our ability to draw on our experiences and stories that lie within, trusting them to emerge successfully. With this in mind, we will explore manifesting our intention with the music we make, drawing on our individual and shared experiences.

Exercises will explore setting intention, trusting process and enjoying outcome. Additional emphasis will be placed on how the group can support each individual in their goals. This gathering has the potential for huge transformation.

Suggested Donation: $15 - $20