• Davin Youngs Voice (map)
  • 410 South Michigan Avenue, Studio 632B
  • Chicago, IL, 60605
  • United States

We spend the beginning of our time warming up our voices and bodies and then focus for the first hour on exploring personal language. The remainder of the time together will be spent on singing and application. Our goal is to create a fun, fearless community of improvising singers.

NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. These gatherings are for anyone with a desire to sing.
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Personal language refers to improvising on syllables or sounds that may not derive from words as we speak them. Think whatever lies beyond scat. Many times when we try to improvise and create patterns on syllables, we can find ourselves stuck in a dull palette of sounds. Exploring personal language allows us to draw ourselves more fully into the varied noises and sounds we can use to create. The richer the palette, the more interesting the music. Learn tips and tools to grow your personal vocabulary.

Suggested donation $15 - $20.