• Davin Youngs Voice (map)
  • 410 South Michigan Ave, Studio 632B
  • Chicago, IL
  • USA

We spend the beginning of our time warming up our voices and bodies and then focus for the first hour on quickly creating patterns. The remainder of the time together will be spent on singing and application. Our goal is to create a fun, fearless community of improvising singers.

NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. These gatherings are for anyone with a desire to sing.
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This week we will explore what it means to create patterns with the voice, quickly. Patterns are foundational for all music making, but being able to create quickly on the fly can truly enhance your circle singing experience. By learning to how to trust your voice, identify themes and simplify ideas, we can quickly lay the foundation for incredible improvised and composed music. This tool is also incredibly useful for anyone interested in exploring writing songs.

Suggested donation $15 - $20.