• Davin Youngs Voice (map)
  • 410 South Michigan Avenue, Studio 632B
  • Chicago, IL, 60605
  • United States

Welcome to the first in a new series of themed gatherings. We will spend the beginning of our time warming up our voices and bodies and then focus for the first hour on a specific learning objective. The remainder of the time together will be spent on singing and application. Our goal is to create a fun, fearless community of improvising singers.

NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. These gatherings are for anyone with a desire to sing.

This week we will focus on circle singing as an improvisational tool. We will learn the various components of a successful circle (motor, interlocker, harmony, etc.) and practice creating these forms on the fly. This will be a great opportunity to lay the groundwork for improvisational singing as a practice.

Suggested donation $15.