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The Many Face of a Circle

Friends - our March Circle Singing gathering wins an award for energy. Never have we had such an incredibly synergistic experience in studio 632. It's funny, because each month, Alison and I worry that this could be the month that no one shows up. Which, would be ok because she and I would still sing, but that being said... it's a lot better when there are more people. Turns out there were 16 of us and we uniquely brought our voices together to create some incredible energized music making.

We are always humbled by the vulnerability and joy of the people who join us. Also, we are always shocked by the diversity of our group. Young and old, black and white and somehow we find synchronicity. Could it be the power of the human voice? We believe so.

Let's do it again next month, shall we? April 30th at 5pm. 410 South Michigan Ave, Studio 632.